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31. October '16 14:56 by Oliver Dehnhardt

AC Milan going for Bastian Schweinsteiger?

The German midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger are looking more and more like a player set to leave Man United this winter, as he is simply not getting any gametime at the moment. Today the 32-year old midfielder was allowed to train with the first team though, but still nothing seems to have changed for the great player. Bastian-Schweinsteiger

But all hope is not out for the German player, as it is now rumored that the Italian top side AC Milan are hoping to sign Bastian Schweinsteiger this winter from Man United. With the recent training Bastian Schweinsteiger is receiving he might be a more attractive player to sign for other clubs, and that could be the reason for the first team training.

Bastian Schweinsteiger are best known for his time in Bayern and for the German national side, where he where among the very best in the World Cup win back in 2014.