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15. October '16 15:05 by Lotus Ladegaard

Arsenal beats Swansea 3-2

Saturday afternoon, Arsenal played Swansea in a Premier League match and won 3-2. Theo Walcott scored twice, while Mesut Özil scored once. Gylfi Sigurdsson and Borja Baston scored for Swansea.

Theo-Walcott-262d5d1d52aab564088d1abfaad9aab0.jpgSaturday afternoon, Arsenal faced off against Swansea at home at Emirates Stadium in a Premier League match. About half an hour into the first half, Hector Bellerin headed the ball into the box, where Jordi Amat tried to tame the ball, but Theo Walcott was quick and kicked the ball into goal and Arsenal in the lead with 1-0.

A few minutes later, Theo Walcott also doubled Arsenal’s lead. A corner kick landed at his feet, he picked it up, turned around and kicked the ball into goal, giving Arsenal a 2-0 lead.

Five minutes later, however, Swansea managed to reduce the score. At the edge of the box, Gylfi Sigurdsson kicked the ball into goal behind a chanceless Petr Cech in Arsenal goal and thus reduced the score to 2-1, which was also the score at halftime.

About a quarter of an hour into the second half, Alex Sanchez sent a very high ball towards the rear post, where Mesut Özil stood and kicked the ball into goal and increased Arsenal’s lead to 3-1.

About ten minutes later, Swansea yet again managed to reduce the score. Modou Barrow managed to play Borja Baston completely free and he kicked the ball into goal and reduced the score to 3-2, which was also the final result of the match.

Four minutes after the goal, Granit Xhaka tackled Modou Barrow from behind and received a direct red card, which meant Arsenal had to play the remainder of the match, one player down.

With the victory today, Arsenal is currently in second place of Premier League with 19 points in eight matches, just below Manchester City in first place also with 19 points in eight matches, but with a better goal-score.

Swansea is currently below the relegation line, second from the bottom with just four points in eight matches, two points above Sunderland at the very bottom.