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6. November '16 05:00 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Arsenal facing Tottenham

Normally we are only given two matches in the Premier League on Sunday, but today is different, the Premier League will be giving us nothing less than five games to enjoy, and some of the fixtures are some interesting ones. The biggest of the lot is of cause the much looked forward to London derby, where Arsenal are facing Tottenham, two teams both looking to finish in the top four this year, making this fixture an all important one. Arsenal are the team in form, but Tottenham are often great in these derby’s and with some key players looking to make combacks, this fixture could get interesting.Premier League

Arsenal are without a doubt the bet team at the moment looking at the two sides, and given that they play at home, they are the favorite to win this one. But Tottenham can not at all be ruled out of this one. The London side are struggling at the moment, and in the midweek Champions League fixture against Leverkusen, they suffered a terrible defeat 0-1, playing in London. that is something they will have to chance today. Moussa Dembele have been an important fixture, and to see him walk of the pitch with a injury to the ankle against Leverkusen was not good news for Tottenham.

Dembele is out for Tottenham, but rumors have been stating that Totteham might see a comeback to two other key players, Harry Kane and Eric Lamela. Both players have had important roles for Tottenham, not only this season, but in the last one as well, where Spurs played the best football they have ever done for the most part of the season.

Harry Kane does however trouble scoring whenever Dembele does not play, so we might not see any comeback goals from him today.

Arsenal on the other hand continues to impress, and with the star players Özil and Sanchez in great shape, much is indicating that this match could be a demonstration in how to play football in 2016. Sanchez have however just got the Spanish authorities on his back, as it seems he has ‘forgotton’ to pay taxes at his time in FC Barcelona.

The news emerged this week, so we are yet to see if it affects his performance on the field. Arsenal are in a position where Alexis is not the only player to score, and with Giroud currently battling for gametime, and scoring regularly when ever he is put on the field, it does seem like a deluxe problem for Wenger.

The match will be close is my guess, but Arsenal, who is the stronger side at the moment, will be the team to win the match, simply due to the better form and the home advantage.