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22. October '16 11:10 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Arter plays down Sissoko incident

Today in the the Premier League when Bournemouth deservedly got one point against Tottenham Hotspurs, there was an incident involving Moussa Sissoko form Tottenham and Harry Arter from Bournemouth. In the game the referee did not do anything in the situation, but there might be some aftermath to be looked at from the FA’s side. Premier League

It was a match at the boiling point when Arter ran the ball of the sideline, Moussa Sissoko would like to take the throw in quickly, but Arter made sure he could not. That resulted in a well placed elbow by Sissoko and a clear red card, which the referee missed.

After the game though, did Arter not have any hard feelings at all, he was just happy about the one point, and the way his team did play today.