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20. October '16 15:23 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Atl Madrid accepts a transfer free winter

Atl Madrid have along side Real Madrid been found guilty in signing players under 18-year old illegally. They have by FIFA been sentenced to a transfer ban running for 18 months, which is the exact same penalty as FC Barcelona was given a few years ago. Both team have decided not to accept the sentence right away, but now Atl Madrid have decided to accept that they can not register any new players this winter. Diego Simeone

Big news in the transfer ban case, as Atl Madrid have told FIFA that they accept the fact that they can not do any deals this winter. That does mean that Atl Madrid can have the case closed by June next year. The case is the same as the one against Barcelona a few years back, and both Real Madrid and Atl Madrid have been found guilty in illegal contracts for young players.

It is unknown how Real Madrid will react, if so, on the news.