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1. November '16 15:00 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Atl Madrid facing FK Rostov

FK Rostov facing a trip to the Spanish capital Madrid tonight, just to receive a defeat from the home side Atl Madrid, if everything goes to plan for the home side. It does seem rather difficult for FK Rostov, but they managed to trouble Atl Madrid when playing at home, and are hoping to do the same when facing them tonight in Spain.UEFA-Champions-League

Atl Madrid are looking as the much stronger side when compared to FK Rostov, and when Atl Madrid are also having the advantage of playing at home tonight, not much is speaking in favor of the away side tonight.

Rostov was able to trouble the Madrid team last time they face, but it did end up with a Atl Madrid win.

We are at a point in the tournament where the small teams have nothing to loose, and with that being the case for FK Rostov, they could have a chance of an early goal, and maybe surprise the homeside.