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29. October '16 08:00 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Atl Madrid facing Malaga

Atl Madrid is currently sitting in 5th place in the Spanish La Liga, which in no way are the place they would like to sit at this moment of the season. But it is a close race at the top of the La Liga this year, and should Atl Madrid not get all three points today against Malaga, they could be falling behind. Atl Madrid really are the favorite for this fixture, despite Malaga having some great players, as most of the good players from Malaga, are currently injured.La Liga

Atl Madrid really has to win this fixture against Malaga, as they have to prove them self as the top side they are. Malaga currently sit in the middle of the table, but are having a decent spell at the moment, and might be able to trouble the top side from Madrid.

I do believe though that the fixture is way to important for Atl Madrid, to drop points tonight.