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5. November '16 12:20 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Bayern failed again Hoffenheim

Before the match between Bayern Munich and Hoffenheim today, not many would believe that Bayern would have any troubles beating the away side today. But Hoffenheim have been great this season, and currently they are found among the top sides in Germany, and that showed in the first half.Bundesliga

16 minutes played, and the home fans where in for a shock as Hoffenheim the away side, got ahead 0-1, not many had seen that coming.

Inside the first half did Bayern equalize with a own goal from Hoffenheim, but an exciting fixture at this point.

Bayern did push for the goal in the second half, but Hoffenheim continued to defend well in the match. It was Bayern being the most of the ball, but the away side did look dangerous on the counters.

In the end the match ended with a 1-1 draw, which was the 10th game for Hoffenheim in a row, without a defeat.