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22. October '16 11:00 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Bayern Munich facing Gladbach

Tonight in the German Bundesliga we are in for a treat as Bayern Munich the current top side in Germany, and the defending champions are facing Gladbach, who have had a great week with a win away from home in Celtic, in the Champion League. Bayern are however a massive favorite for this one, and it is really hard to see how Gladbach would be able to do anything at the Allianz today. Bundesliga

It will be a one sided match today when the defending champions from Bayern Munich are facing Gladbach at the Allainz Arean in the Bundesliga. Bayern have looked very strong this year and are already cruising towards yet another title in the Bundesliga.

Gladbach does however have massive confidence following the 0-2 win against Celtic in the Champions League, something which might give the team some unknown powers today. At the same time, Gladbach have nothing to loose.