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18. October '16 11:45 by Oliver Dehnhardt

‘Bellerin is the future’

It has been some seasons for the young right back Hector Bellerin, currently rumored to FC Barcelona and other big clubs all around the world. The young Spanish right back ahd yet another great performance against Swansea in the 3-2 win for Arsenal last round of the Premier League, and that is something the Spanish midfielder Santi Cazorla is extremely happy with.santi cazorla

It is always nice to see your fellow international buddy do well on the same team as you, and that is exactly what is currently happening in Arsenal, where Santi Cazorla are seeing a fantastic story with his teammate Hector Bellerin. Yet another great performance from him in the latest game for Arsenal, and that is something which have made the Arsenal midfielder state, that Bellerin is the future on the right back for Spain, and Arsenal, should he not be sold this summer for a massive amount of money.