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1. November '16 13:15 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Benfica facing Dyn.Kiev

Benfica facing Dyn. Kiev tonight in Portugal might not on paper seem like an interesting fixture for the objective spectator, but hang on for a minute, because i believe the fixture could be one of the most interesting of the night.UEFA-Champions-League

Benfica are the strongest side of the two, and did manage to secure a win in the first fixture played in Kiev with 0-2, so I dont think that Benfica will have any troubles winning tonight.

But why is the fixture interesting then?

Benfica hold some massive talents in their team, and they often shine in tournaments like this one, as this is where the big clubs are looking to see the next big thing. Against Keiv tonight they will be able to really make some progress, and show the skills, and that is something i believe could be interesting to see. Especially Man United are linked with many of the young players from Benfica.

If Kiev manages to get ahead int he game, the match might turn in to some kind of kamikaze football, as Benfica are not used to be behind playing at home.