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20. October '16 12:30 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Biggest fixture of tonight?

Inter Milan vs the English top side Southampton could be the match of the evening, as both teams are a favorite to take the title in the Euro League. Inter Milan are far from what they once where, but are on their way back on track. At the moment, a lot of drama behind the curtains in the club though, and lets hope that the supports can keep the hate for Icardi outside the pitch.Europa-League-Logo

Mauro Icardi have been a viral topic these weeks, following his new book which revels a difficult relationship with the fans. The fans have reacted in anger, and demands the club to kick the talented striker out of the club .

Tonight they are facing Southampton, and a win for Inter Milan could eventually calm the fans for some time, but the drama might not end until Icardi apologizes, or gets sold.