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5. November '16 04:12 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Bournemouth facing Sunderland

Bournemouth facing Sunderland might not on paper look like the most exciting game of the lot, but it could just be, as both teams are desperate to win. Sunderland are yet to win a match this season, and with the latest defeat, they took the record for the worst start to a Premier League season ever, something they are looking to chance today.Premier League

But it does look difficult for David Moyes and Sunderland, they have tried in many different ways to turn the ship around, with out much hope. The first ten minutes of the second half against Arsenal did however look like some of the right things for Sunderland, but still far from good.

Bournemouth on the other hand are doing fine, sitting 10th in the table. Currently they are having a great home form, and are looking to extend it today against Sunderland.