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22. October '16 04:08 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Bournemouth facing Tottenham

Today in the Premier League the top side Tottenham are facing a trip to Bournemouth. Despite being without the star striker Harry Kane, and with Danny Rose on the ‘maybe’ list, Tottenham are the favorite for this fixture. Last year Tottenham where the only team to follow Leicester of the majority of the season, and are looking to be up there this season as well. premier-league

As stated, Tottenham are the favorite for this fixture, but with a fresh 6-1 victory against Everton for Bournemouth, the confidence is high, and that could potentially cause trouble for Tottenham.

Tottenham currently sits third in the League, and are in need of all three points to keep up with the rest of the top teams, where Bournemouth sits comfortably at 11th place, points dropped today won’t be vital for their season.