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18. October '16 13:30 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Buffon demands a win

Tonight in the Champions League, Juventus is facing the French top side Lyon in France. Juventus have started the Champions League season with a win against Zagreb and then a draw against the Spanish side Sevilla. According the the 38-year old keeper of Juventus, and living legend Buffon, Juventus have to make a statement tonight be winning.Gianluigi-Buffon-2635cdb8fc2daefcbf6ba3f600307262.jpg

‘It is important that our opponents know that we are taking the Champions League very serious’ those where the words of Buffon before the match against Lyon tonight, a match which wont be easy for the Italian champions.

Juventus started out great with a win against Zagreb, but the draw they got in the last match against Sevilla was not at all according to plan, something they will have to prove was a mistake tonight, by winning.