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20. October '16 15:17 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Caballero: ‘Man City miss winning’

Man City started the new season in fantastic fashion as they won the first ten matches with no troubles at all. It seemed like nothing could pulled Pep Guardiola and his side a part, and that the Premier League title was only a formality away. But with last nights defeat to FC Barcelona in the Champions League, it has been four games since the last win for City.Willy Caballero

And that is something that has to chance if you ask the reserve keeper Caballero who got some gametime last night as Bravo decide to save the ball with the hands, out side of the penalty area. The keeper have stated after the match, that it is hard for a team like City, which are used to winning, not to win.

Caballero have made it very clear that it is taking hard on the team, and that it is something that has to chance.