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30. October '16 14:43 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Chelsea FC superior today!

Today in the late fixture in the Premier League, the London side Chelsea had to face a trip to Southampton, where a difficult match would await them. Southampton have as usual been a great side this season, and with Chelsea getting mixed results, this match could get intersting. Eden-Hazard-85187729193f32e5ef7e0738afe0dee9.jpg

It was a horrible season last season for Chelsea FC ,but this season them seem to have found the recipe for succes once again, with Conte in the managers seat. The performance they delivered tonight was simply a fantastic display of football. Southampton did what they could, but with especially Eden Hazard in great form, there where nothing they could do to prevent the win for Chelsea.

The match ended with 0-2 for the London side, and they are now looking like a strong contender to the title this year.