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14. October '16 09:30 by Lotus Ladegaard

DBU wants to extend Niels Frederiksen

U21 Denmark Manager has led Denmark’s U21 national team to victories in 13 matches out of 17 possible. The Danish football federation, DBU now hopes to extend the successful manager.

Niels FrederiksenAs Niels Frederiksen debuted as Denmark’s U21 manager, he suffered a defeat against Germany, but since then he has not lost a single match. He has won 13 and drew in three matches.

The Danish football federation DBU, now, wants to extend the successful manager for another period.

-I would really love to extend with Niels. I told him that a long time ago, and we have set a time for when we will discuss that. I have told him, I will not pressure him until then, Talent Development Director Flemming Berg said to