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29. October '16 06:30 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Dortmund facing Schalke 04

Dortmund had to take it to extra time before they could get the win in the midweeks DFB Pokal fixture, which was not at all according to the plan for the top German side. Today they will have to do a lot better, if they will succeed in winning, as they face the top German side Schalke 04. Dortmund have had some troubles scoring lately, but it does seem like only a matter of time before Aubameyang is back at it.Bundesliga

Dortmund are a massive favorite for the fixture today against Schalke 04 in the Bundesliga, but his fixture is hard to predict, as Dortmund did get an extra 30 minutes in the legs in the midweek fixture in the DFB Pokal, something which might be an advantage for Schalke 04 today.

Dortmund are currently not to be found in second place, which for many is a strange sight, and they have to win today if they wont to concur the second place once again. Bayern are looking like a sure winner again this year, but Dortmund seems like a team, who have the players capable of sit securely in second place once again this year.

There is however a massive set back for Dortmund at the moment, as they are more than hit by injuries to key players. Looking at the injury list at the moment, and Dortmund could be setting an even better side with injured players, than with the players available.

That does mean that Dortmund at the moment are in a state of survival. They simply have to hang on to the top, and then the top players, like Marco Reus for example are back, they will be able to set in the final attack at Bayern Munich.

Schalke 04 are not at all hit by injuries in the same way as Dortmund, and the injured Dortmund side could be Schlake’s only chance to sin against the top German side.

Looking at the way Dortmund have performed with all the big players sidelined, really shows that the tactical approach they are having at the moment, are capable of performing with out the big players.