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22. October '16 12:47 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Dramatic ending in Valencia!

In La Liga today the former top side Valencia had to play the defending champions from FC Barcelona at home, this was the first home game for the new manager at Valencia, and what a game to start out with in front of the home fans. Lionel-Messi

Valencia got out great to the game, but quickly FC Barcelona had taken control as we know they can. After 12 minutes, a horrific injury to Andres Iniesta, who had to be replaced by Rakitic, it did not look good for the midfielder.

FC Barcelona got ahead 1-0 as predicted, but Valencia got back in the game, and could have made it 2-1 in the second half.

Valencia did manage to make it 2-2, and it looked like Barca would drop two points today, if it wasn’t for Suarez, who got himself a penalty in the 92th minute, which Messi scored securely to make it 2-3.