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30. October '16 06:30 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Eibar facing Villarreal

Eibar have once again proven themselves as a ‘surprise’ (you cant really call it a surprise, when it is the second season in a row…) in the La Liga, where they are playing with the big guys at the moment in the top. Today they are facing a difficult opponent, who just like Eibar, are to be found at the very top, Villarreal. This match have the potential to be a very entertaining match, as both teams have everything to win, and nothing to loose.La Liga

Eibar have been good this season so far in the Spanish La Liga, where they are currently to be found at the top of the League. Today they are facing Villarreal though, a team who have been even better than Eibar for the most part, and I think the home team might struggle today.

No matter what, this fixture will be interesting. Looking at the players, Villarreal are the better side, but Eibar have been a great team, and have nothing to loose today, which is an advantage for them (just like it was for Leicester last season in the Premier League).