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30. October '16 14:39 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Eibar proved the strongest!

Today in the Spanish La Liga, and intersting fixture between Eibar and Villarreal where played. The home side from Eibar are among the best teams in Spain at the moment to much surprise for many, and so are todays opponent, so the fixture today would show who is the best, of the surprise acts. La Liga

And what a game it was. Both sides looked confident from the first whistle that they would be able to get away with all three points, which made for an entertaining fixture, which had to be decided in the last minutes.

Villarreal got ahead, but with only 10 minutes to go, Eibar equalized, and then just seven minutes later, three minutes before the final results, the home side Eibar made it 2-1, which was the final result. A great comeback for Eibar, which only proves that they are a team to watch out for this season.