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29. October '16 14:00 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Emery hails Di Maria!

PSg ahve had a difficult time at the start of the new campaign this year, but with the win last night against Lille, the team from the French capital have got themself some much needed three points. PSG have struggled scoring goals, and with a narrow 0-1 win last night, the chances where there to win even bigger.di maria

Edinson Cavani is struggling at the moment at PSG, despite scoring last night, the striker missed many open chances, which he has done for a while now. But when the main striker does not performe, it is a good thing that some other players can step up to the plate.

And that is exactly what Angel Di Maria have done, according to Emery. Di Maria assisted the goal for Cavani last night, and did deliver and overall performance, something the managers hopes will continue in the future.