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3. November '16 15:41 by Lotus Ladegaard

England and Scotland defy FIFA ban

November the 11th, England is due to face off against Scotland in Group F of the World Cup Qualifier. Both nations want to wear a poppy on their jersey to mark the Armistice Day despite a ban from FIFA.

england-poppiesIt is Armistice Day, November the 11th in England and Scotland. Armistice is a memorial day to commemorate the fallen British soldiers and it also marks the last day of battle at the West front during World War I.

England and Scotland is due to face off in Group F of the World Cup Qualifier on that exact day, and both nations want to wear a poppy on their jersey to show their respect. FIFA has, however, banned it since FIFA do not allow any teams to wear religious political symbols. Both England and Scotland, nevertheless, have decided to defy the ban.

Thursday, both the English football federation as well as the Scottish football federation released almost identical statements stating that neither of the federation believes the message to be religious, political or commercial, but rather an important symbol of the past that must be remembered.

England and Scotland will both wear black bands with the poppy on it during the match.

How FIFA will react is yet to be seen although they are likely not to allow it. Wednesday, FIFA’s Fatma Samba Diouf Samoura repeated to BBC Sport that FIFA will not accept any of the teams were symbols and added that “any kind of sanction” could follow.

But while FIFA feels strongly about the rule, so does England and Scotland. The United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Theresa May has called the rule “outrageous”.

Wales has also written FIFA requesting to wear poppies on their armband in the World Cup Qualifier match November the 12th against Serbia. They, however, have not opted to defy FIFA as of yet.

While the rules clearly states that teams cannot wear religious or political symbols, it does not state anything about any possible sanctions. So only time will tell, what sanction might fall upon the British national teams.