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27. October '16 08:26 by Lotus Ladegaard

FA opens case against Jose Mourinho

The English football federation, the FA has decided to open a case against Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho for comments regarding a referee.

Jose MourinhoA couple of weeks ago, Manchester United faced off against Liverpool in a Premier League match. Ahead of the showdown, Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho commented on the FA’s choice of referee for the match.

Anthony Taylor had been appointed referee. who was born and still lives in Manchester. Several English media reported of the referee being born and still living in Manchester. Jose Mourinho commented that he thought it would be a difficult match for Anthony Taylor to referee due to this.

The FA, however, noticed the comment which they did not like. Thursday, they announced that a case has been opened against Jose Mourinho, who has until Monday to respond to the case. He is likely looking at a fine.

It is another blow to Jose Mourinho, who is not having the best time at Manchester United. Sunday, Manchester United lost big in Premier League, but Wednesday a small 1-0 victory against Manchester City in the League Cup was celebrated.

Jose Mourinho stipulates that the win against Manchester City was much more important than the big loss against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

-Sunday, we were defeated with numbers, this club is not used to losing with. I feel bad for the fans, because I have never been in a club with fans like these. Even after a 4-0 defeat you can still feel the support, and tonight the stadium was full of true support, Jose Mourinho said after the 1-0 victory against Manchester City.

-The supporters’ love for the club goes deeper than poor results and three poor seasons. That obligates us to give something back, and the players fought all they could. Even if they had lost, they would have proven that they fight for the supporters, Jose Mourinho said according to the BBC.

With the victory against Manchester City, Manchester United is through to the quarter-finals of the League Cup, where they will face off against West Ham.