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2. November '16 14:40 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Future star: Moussa Dembele

It seems, that everyone named Dembele at the moment will turn out to be great footballers, and one of them is the youngster from Celtic, Moussa Dembele, and he is without a doubt one to watch, for the future.Moussa Dembele

Moussa Dembele have as many other big French players and talents had his first youth years in the French top club PSG. Dembele joined the capital side back in 2004, aged only eight years old, and continued to play in the big French club up until the age of 16, where ehe decided to sign his first ever senior contract, and become a professional footballer.

Not often does a young striker from PSG decide to join Fulham in England, but that was exactly what Dembele decided to do, and as it turns out, this move was grat for the youngster.

Despite not scoring many goals in the Fulham shirt, he actually only managed to score 15 in well above 50 games for the side, he did attract much interest from big clubs due to his very young age.

Lsat summer Dembele was one of the biggest stories regarding a transfer, with all the big clubs surrounding the player, but he kept his cool and decided to say no to the big clubs, and join Celtic in Scotland?!?! To much surprise for everyone.

But as it seems, the young man is having his mind in the right place, and made his first priority gametime, and that is something he is getting in Celtic. Last night he became the player to secure one point for Celtic from the penalty spot against Gladbach, and with just 10 caps for Celtic, he has already produced seven goals, which will at some point give him the dream transfer to a top five club im sure.

The story about Dembele is really not very different from many other stories up until the point for him to leave his youth side, from there on and then, he decided to turn things upside down, something many talents might be able to learn from in the future.

Dont put money and fame before gametime, as a talent you are still learning and becoming better everyday, you need gametime. That is the lesson Dembele have told the world.