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14. October '16 09:35 by Lotus Ladegaard

Gerard Pique: I want to become Barcelona President

Gerard Pique has big plans for the future when his active professional career. The Barcelona stop wants to become Barcelona President in his future.

gerard pique wallpaper barca barcelona photo gallery barcablog barca blog 2Gerard Pique, like many other players, dream of a career within football even after his active professional career is over. Unlike many others, though, he is not dreaming of a manager role in a major club. No, he wants to become President of his beloved Barcelona.

-I am absolutely serious. I would love to be President of FC Barcelona when I resign from my active career, Gerard Pique said.

-I cannot see myself as a manager. I do not think I will enjoy the job as much as the Presidency. I would make a good President because I am very passionate about the club, Gerard Pique said to TV3, Catalania.