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31. October '16 10:51 by Lotus Ladegaard

Giampiero Ventura: It was Graziano Pelle’s biggest mistake

Italy manager Giampiero Ventura has not spoken to the Italian profile Graziano Pelle since he sent him home from Italy’s camp. He says the player has disgraced Italy’s image and it was his biggest mistake.

GrazianoPelle_3216520As Italy faced off against Spain in Group G of the World Cup Qualifier earlier this month, Graziano Pelle refused to shake hands with Italy manager Giampiero Ventura as he was sent off the pitch. Giampiero Ventura saw the refusal as disrespectful behaviour and sent him home ahead of Italy’s gameĀ against Macedonia.

Following the match, Graziano Pelle publicly apologised for the incident, but that did not do much in his favour.

Today, the Italy manager reveals that he still has not spoken to Graziano Pelle after the incident. He feels that the profile disgraced the team and its image and calls it his biggest mistake. So it seems a reconciliation is pretty far away.

-Have I spoken to him? No, because the calls to China are too expensive, Giampiero Ventura said according to RAI Sport.

Pelle Graziano plays in the Chinese Super League club Shandong Lueng and thus lives in China.

-I saw it for what it was – a mistake. But it was also lack of respect for the Azur-blue colour and he damaged the group’s image. That was the biggest mistake he made, Italy manager Giampiero Ventura said.

Saturday November the 12th, Italy is due to face off against Lichtenstein on away in Group G of the World Cup Qualifier. And considering Giampiero’s statements, Graziano Pelle does not need to worry about getting home to Italy for that particular match.

-I do not think he wants to be on the team, because like I have always said, you need a time to reflect. He is not particular young, but he can still give Italy something in the future, Giampiero Ventura said in regards to Graziano Pelle.

Italy is currently in second place of Group G of the World Cup Qualifier with seven points in three matches. Spain is currently in first place also with seven points in three matches.