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18. October '16 15:00 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Grealish on the verge of three game ban?

Aston Villa drew 1-1 against Wolves last night in the Championship, but what really was on everyones mind after the game, was that horrible stamping made by Jack Grealish to Conor Coady. The incident did go about unpuniched as the referee never saw it during the match, but luckily it did not escape the cameras.Jack-Grealish-68e465aa7fdaaa104ac29f70264f9e20.jpg

It really was a horrible thing to do for the young Jack Grealish when he in frustration decided to stamp down on Conor Coady I nthe 1-1 draw between Wolves and Aston Villa. The referee did not see the incident, which should have been a red card for the Villa player, but the cameras did.

That could now mean that Grealish will be handed a three game ban, which will keep him out of the Birmingham Derby in a few days. Aston Villa have been surrounded by bad karma this season, but this incident comes down to poor discipline from the young man.