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29. October '16 14:15 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Grimaldi to City?

Alejandro Grimaldi had a difficult time at FC Barcelona as a youth payer, and did not get the chances he needed to evolve as a football he felt, so he decided to move to Benfica from the Barca B team, and that was a good move for the youngster. Ever since the move, Grimaldi have been given regular gametime, and have evolved in to a key player for the Portuguese team. guardiola

Now much is indicating that he could soon be leaving Benfica to join an even better side, and who else to join, than Man City, where Pep Guardiola are currently the manager, and have seen the young man come up through the youth ranks at Barcelona when he was the manager.

Grimaldi is possibly the biggest talent at the left back in the world at the moment, and the fact that he also knows how to behave when attacking, he will be a player many of the big teams will be going for this summer.