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2. November '16 15:00 by Oliver Dehnhardt

How to beat Barca… and City?

Pep Guardiola is a genius, it can be said that simple. The Spanish manager managed to do something very few have managed to do before him last night, beating FC Barcelona. Fair enough, he does have some insider, as he was the one to implement the game style, but was it really that clever to show the world, how to beat Barcelona?pep-guardiola

Man City managed last night to beat FC Barcelona with 3-1, but I can’t help but think, was it really that clever to show the world how to do it?

Man City had a tactical gameplan, and did not at any point diverge from it, and it worked.

But Pep is trying to implement the same kind of football at Man City, with players far from the quality of the players Barcelona hold. This could mean that the Premier League sides could simply copy the tactic Pep used last night, to close his side down, and make sure they won’t win the trophy?

The way he did it was simple, you have to cover the main player firmly, being Lionel Messi, and then you put pressure on the defenders, to make them either make a mistake, or put the ball over the sideline. If the defenders are all the way at their own back line, you still put pressure on them, and you continue to do so.

But looking at the way Man City did it last night, it is very similar in style to what Southampton did in the Premier League, where Man City where lucky to get the one point. Southampton got ahead and took the top of the pressure, that might have been the mistake they made in that match.

Pep Guardiola have proven last night, that when playing against a team who plays this kind of possession football, the mistakes will come, if you continue to put pressure on the back line.

Looking at the back line Man City have at the moment, those three points City got last night, might be costly for them looking forward.