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6. November '16 05:30 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Hull City facing Southampton

Hull City is today in the Premier League facing a difficult opponent in Southampton. Hull have the advantage of playing at home, but at the moment, the drama and the chaotic state surrounding the club, might not be an advantage to play in. The fans are not at all agreeing on the way the club have handle the recent transfer activity.Premier League

But strangely enough, the chaotic state in the club, did not affect the results in the first part of the season, where did good. More recently though, it has been a downwards spiral for the home side today. Five defeats in a row for Hull, is the worst form at the moment in the Premier League, even worse than Sunderland, and that gives them a spot below the relegation line.

A win today would be nice for the home side, but not many thinks it will happen. Southampton played a midweek game against Inter, which might be giving them some tired legs, but the way Southampton won the game 2-1, will be giving confidence as well.