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5. November '16 10:00 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Icardi unhappy with his team

In the midweek, Inter Milan played a great game against Southampton in England, but a few minutes where team suffered a total melt down, according to Mauro Icardi, proved very costly for the Italian side. Icardi made sure that the Italian side got ahead in the first half, but Southampton secured a 2-1 win in the end.Mauro+Icardi+FC+Internazionale+Milano+v+Genoa+dpG5IgA12zfl

That is something Icardi is tired of. After the match the young striker and captain for Inter Milan stated that: ‘It is like our team falls apart when ever someone scores against us’.

Icardi was extremely unhappy with the result, and was not at all good at hiding it to the media. The young striker have been in the media recently following his new book, which did hold some information the fans where not at all happy with.