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19. October '16 15:03 by Oliver Dehnhardt

‘Icardi won’t leave’

Mauro Icardi is in a lot of trouble at the moment in Italy, following the release of his new book which holds some very personal and revealing episodes, described in detail. Icardi have not been a player short of scandals in his short amount of time, and have for the past years bin in ‘bad standing’ in Italy, for stealing a teammates girlfriend, Wanda Nara. icardi%20%281%29-2

At the moment it is a fight with his supporters from Inter Milan that might leave to the striker leaving the club, but not if you ask his wife, Wanda Nara, she believes that Icardi will stay at Inter for a long time. Icardi have been rumored to both Real Madrid and PSG these weeks, and with Inter Milan looking to make a lot of money on the striker, a transfer seems likely, given the situation in Italy at the moment.