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20. October '16 15:30 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Insigne in tears!

Lorenzo Insigne is not at all a popular player in Napoli for the moment. The young winger, and former crowd favorite have been abused by the home crowd and supporters ever since the news about the wage demands his got towards Napoli emerged. Insigne’s demands have not yet been meet from Napoli, and that have left the contract negotiations in a bit of a mess.Lorenzo-Insigne-3f5b015a53dcff1bd271b686ed106ea7.jpg

Last night, Insigne missed a penalty, and it was clear that the crowd was not happy with his performance. Napoli are in a poor state after loosing three games in a row, something the fans are not used to seeing in the big Italian club.

Insigne was deeply emotional on the bench as the cameras found him crying after the abuse from the fans, it was like the frustration of not winning the match, had to be taken out on Insigne.