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23. October '16 10:30 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Is he back?

It seems that the footballing legend Ronaldinho who have represented teams like AC Milan, PSG and of cause FC Barcelona in his career, could be on the verge of a surprise comeback. The legend have done so before, playing just a few matches for some clubs. He does hold a massive talent, so it might not comes at that big of a surprise to hear from his agent, that he is currently considering ‘there offers’. Ronaldinho-1449a1b8993087546b58c5542d40d9ef.jpg

Exciting news form the Brazilian legend Ronaldinho’s agent, as he states that the star player is currently considering three offers from clubs. The legend have retired for some years ago, but have again and again signed very short term deals for clubs in for example Mexico.

A move to the MLS might not be unrealistic, or the Chinese league?