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5. November '16 12:30 by Oliver Dehnhardt

James: ‘I want to play’

In Real Madrid, they have some amazing players to choose from, and way to many of the big stars, have to be left on the bench. One of them i James Rodriguez, who to say at the least, have been very patient in the Spanish club for the past season, but now, his patience might have come to an end. James-Rodriguez-008

It has been limited with gametime for James in the recent season at Real Madrid, and now the player have some words describing how he feels about the situation.

James does respect the decision made by the French manager Zidane, which is something the midfielder have stated multiple times, but this time he adds, that he is desperate to play.

Arsenal have been linked with the player recently, and also Juventus are said to be interested in signing the out of favor player.