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21. October '16 15:21 by Lotus Ladegaard

Jose Mourinho back at Stamford Bridge

Sunday, Manchester United is due to face off against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. It will be the former Chelsea and current Manchester United manager’s first visit back at his old home ground.

jose MourinhoSunday, Manchester United will face off against Chelsea in a Premier League match at Stamford Bridge. Ahead of the match, manager Jose Mourinho feels calm and collected going into what will be his first visit back at his old home ground as away manager.

-I knew that working in England and remaining in Premier League would sooner or later lead me to face off against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. The computer has decided that we are going there now, so we will do that, Jose Mourinho said to Manchester United’s website.

For quite a while, Jose Mourinho was undefeated at Stamford Bridge and he went as far as to call himself ‘always lucky at the Bridge’. But that is a while back.

-When I played there with Inter I had never lost at Stamford Bridge, when I had the record as undefeated. But, now, I have lost some games at the Bridge, last season aloneĀ I lost two-three matches, so I cannot use the same words any longer.

Back in December 2015, when Jose Mourinho left Chelsea, it was supposedly after a mutual agreement. The manager, however, rejects those statements and says he did not leave voluntarily. When the announcement was made, it read that Chelsea and the Portuguese manager had agreed to part ways.

-Mr. Abramovic decided to fire me. It was not a mutual resignation, but I decided to leave the club without kicking out, Jose Mourinho told Sky.

-It was a decision made by the owner and I was informed of that decision. I accepted it politely and signed the papers. I did it in a calm and respectful manner.

This summer, Jose Mourinho signed on as Manchester United manager and so far, he has led the Red Devils to a seventh place in the Premier League table.