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21. October '16 11:32 by Lotus Ladegaard

Jose Mourinho: Mkhitaryan is ready again very soon

Henrikh Mkhitaryan transferred to Manchester United, this summer, but so far, the forward has only made an appearance in 104 minutes for the club, this season. Manager Jose Mourinho, however, reveals that he ready again very soon.

henrikh-mkhitaryanHenrikh Mkhitaryan has only played 104 minutes for Manchester United since his arrival this summer. The forward has been out with an injury, but manager Jose Mourinho says the Armenian forward will be ready again very soon.

-I could have taken him along on the bench against Fenerbahce and let him have 15-20 minutes like Memphis, but I thought it better for him to do the same as Wednesday, just a lot harder, Jose Mourinho revealed.

-But he will be ready again very soon.