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15. October '16 17:21 by Lotus Ladegaard

Juventus beats Udinese 2-1

Paulo Dybala secured the Italian champions a 2-1 victory against Udinese, Saturday evening.

paulo-dybala-juventus_Saturday evening, Juventus faced off against Udinese at home at Juventus Stadium in a Serie A showdown.

About half an hour into the first half, Jakub Jankto sent the ball into goal and Udinese in the lead with 0-1. A few minutes before the break, Paulo Dybala sent the ball into goal and settled the score to 1-1, which was also the score at halftime.

About five minutes into the second half, Juventus received a penalty which Paulo Dybala scored on and thus brought Juventus in the lead again with 2-1, which was also the final result of the match.

With the victory tonight, Juventus sits comfortably in first place of Serie A with five points down to Roma in second place.