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2. November '16 13:20 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Juventus facing Lyon

Juventus are flying high at the moment, with the latest win in the Serie A against Napoli, and today against Lyon, they can make week even better for the fans. Lyon are a great team, but have struggled in the Ligue 1 this season, the same thing can not be said about Juventus in the Serie A, who are cruising towards yet another title in Italy.UEFA-Champions-League

Lyon are normally a great team, and hold some amazing players, but it seems that this season won’t be the best season they have ever had. Tonight when the French top side faces a trip to Torino to play Juventus, not much is speaking in favor of a win for Lyon.

Juventus are going for the number one spot in the group, and that does mean that they can not afford to loose any home games. With Sevilla on the same amount of points as Juventus, a win tonight is demanded for the home side.