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2. November '16 15:54 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Juventus to battle Arsenal over Atalanta talent?

It is no secret that many clubs have kept close tabs in the young midfielder Kessie from Atalanta for many years, but with the news that Arsenal might be interested in signing him, it seemed like only a matter of time before the deal where done. But now Talksport have reviled that the Italian champions from Juventus might be interested as well. Arsene Wenger

And that could be a massive problem for Arsenal, as Franck Essie might be tempted to stay in Italy where he is already settled. The possibility of regular gametime might be bigger with Arsenal, but in a new league, and with ne w surroundings, much could go wrong.

Arsenal have how ever kept a close eye on the player for a while, and the massive interest should count for something.