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5. November '16 14:30 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Klopp hinting January signings?

Liverpool FC have been great this season, and despite the striker Danny Ings being injured for the most part of the season, it is hard to see that affect the way Liverpool FC have been playing. But now Jürgen Klopp is hinting, that something might be happening in the January transfer window, following the injury. 203482721-juergen-klopp-2PoMG9d7ef

Liverpool FC are a striker less for the most part of the season, following the injury to Danny Ings, but since the player have not had a huge role in the Liverpool FC team this season, it might not have that big affect on the results.

Jürgen Klopp does have many other players to choose from, but now the German manager have hinted that something might happen this winter, transfer wise.

‘We watch the market all the time and of course we need to be prepared for different situations and one of them is injuries’ Klopp told reporters.