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26. October '16 12:00 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Lazio facing Cagliari

Lazio are currently sitting well in the table in the Italian Serie A, and are looking to sit even better tonight if they win against Cagliari. With 15 points, they are just behind the top four, something the team who failed badly last season, will be happy with. But todays opponent Cagliari are not at all a bad side, as they sit only two points behind Lazio in the table at the moment.Serie A

Lazio are the favorite, due to their normally great home stats. Looking at the historic fixtures between the two sides with Lazio as the home side, the results are very one sided. Lazio have won the past five fixtures they have played against Cagliari at home, and not much is indicating that they wont win tonight.

Lazio are currently on the hunt for the top four in the Serie A, and if they wont to hold on to that hope, they have to win this match tonight.