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2. November '16 12:20 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Legia facing Real Madrid

Real Madrid are tonight facing a trip to Poland to play Legia. Legia have struggled in the Champions League, where their lack of quality on all positions really have showed big time, latest with a defeat to Madrid in Spain with 5-1. Not much is indicating that tonight will be any different.UEFA-Champions-League

Real Madrid are suffering from injuries in the back line as both Ramos and Pepe are currently out, but not much is indicating that the ball will be anywhere near the Real Madrid goal tonight.

Legia have had a hard time in the Champions League this season, and much is indicating that the goal score they have at the moment 1-13, might get even worse tonight. Real Madrid are fighting Dortmund for the number one spot in the group, so every match is a must win for them.