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26. October '16 14:10 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Leicester and Chelsea battle for Barbosa

Leicester City are far from the team they where last season, where they won the Premier League title. They really have to step up their game to defend the title this year, but a spot in the top half might be enough for the team as well. They are capable of brining some big players to the club following the win, and at the moment, the rumors state that they are battling Chelsea over Brazilian talent.Gabriel Barbosa

Gabriel Barbosa have been named the new Neymar, when he took over in Santos as the next big thing in Brazil. Now it seems that the time has come for the youngster to move to Europe, and according to the rumors, is many clubs interested in brining him to Europe.

Especially Leicester City and Chelsea should be battling over the talent at the moment, in a battle Chelsea are likely to win, since they have been linked with the player fir the past two years.

Leicester might however be able to give him more gametime, something that is really important for young talents.