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17. October '16 15:26 by Oliver Dehnhardt

‘Leicester City inspired the world’

Tomorrow in the Champions League, Leicester City is facing the Danish champions from FC Copenhagen, in a duel for the leading role in the group. Claudio Ranieri have stated ahead of the game that Leicester have to play the best of the season to secure the win, something the manager of FC Copenhagen have also stated about his team, if they won’t to get anything with them back home to Denmark. At the same time, Solbakken have made it clear that what Leicester city achieved last season, was something that inspired the whole world. Vardy

A difficult game awaits the Danish champions tomorrow, when they face the English champions from Leicester City in the Champions League. FC Copenhagen are currently in second place after Leicester in the group stage, and this match could potentially be an early decider of who will win the group. Claudio Ranieri have made it very clear that his team will have to play the best they have done this season to be secure of the three points.

On paper Leicester does look like the stronger side, and it will be intersting to see how Amartey, who transferred from Copenhagen to Leicester about a year ago, will performe against his former club.

The Norwegian manager at FC Copenhagen have before the match stated that he of cause followed Leicester close last season, and that the achievements was an inspiration for the whole world, Solbakken stated: ‘

That a team like Leicester is able to win the Premier League – everyone has to know what their team-mate on the pitch does and what the coach tells him and play with that little extra motivation.’

Staale Solbakkeb continued with: ‘We all cheered for Leicester last season, the whole world did that. It was very good for world football that an outsider like Leicester won the championship in England. Everyone can learn from that’ Which is also very true.

Leicester City have however not started the season of as well as they did last season, lately though they have found their old form back, and that could be a huge threat for Copenhagen tomorrow.