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20. October '16 13:30 by Oliver Dehnhardt

‘Lionel Messi is a joy to watch’

Lionel Messi was once again on the spot when FC Barcelona crushed Man City last night in the Champions League. The worlds best footballer have been out with a injury for some time, but that was something someone had forgot to tell Messi, as he played like he had never been better.Lionel Messi

And that was something Luis Enrique had to point out at the following press conference. The manager from FC Barcelona had nothing but positive words for his star player, and stated that ‘Messi, this is what you get, no matter how long he has been out.’

Enrique did also state, that he feels lucky to be one of the few to experience him in training as well on a daily basis, where, as he puts it ‘you would be amazed by the things he does even in training’.