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18. October '16 09:58 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Liverpool drew with United

It was one of the matches of the season, that everyone is looking forward to, the derby between Liverpool FC and Man United. A battle between two managers both considered tactical wizards. The game was expected to be played with much physical duels, something the referee Anthony Taylor had to prepare himself for.premier-league

And it was good that he had done so, as the game was more about heavy tackles than beautiful play. Liverpool FC was the team on the ball at the start of the game, and did hold that position for the most part, but David De Gea from Man United really played one of his best games in the Red shirt.

The match ended with a draw 0-0, which looking at the stats seems rather fair, the supporters might have hoped for more, but looking at the way the game was played, the entertainment was not lacking at any point.