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6. November '16 07:00 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Liverpool FC facing Watford

Liverpool FC are cruising along in the Premier League at the moment, with only a threat from Arsenal and Man City to worry about. It seems that the kind of football which Jürgen Klopp have implemented in the club goes well for the Premier League, and today against Watford it is hard to see how the home side at Anfield will have any kind of troubles.Premier League

But as we often see in the Premier League, is November the most difficult month of them all. Arsenal always suffer many injuries, and Liverpool often experience somewhat of a melt down, which also happened last season, and might have been the reason for Klopp to be brought in.

Today however when the top side is facing Watford from the bottom, not much is indicating that it wont be a home win for Liverpool FC, who are the team in form at the moment.